Meet Daniele Monteleone -
Daniele Monteleone

Daniele Monteleone

Chief Visionary Officer and CEO Metalyfe


Daniele Monteleone aka Robotica is a Libertarian activist, supporting the digital rights, opensource community, e-democracy, decentralization, and financial freedom in any form, taking part on different communities of several million supporters like GlobalLeaks, Pirate Party movement - Pirate Party, Devuan - Veteran Unix Admins -, Kopimist,

He was first involved in the bitcoin ecosystem as a hacker in 2010 trying to hack it without success, attending the First Conference on Bitcoin at Prague 2011 - with his lifetime friend Rick Falckvinge & Max Keiser (at the first public Bitcoin Conference).

In the last years, he has focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Applications.

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