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Daniel Puzny

Daniel Puzny

Founder International Blockchain Labs


30 years of growing revenue. Daniel Puzny began in sales, then expanded his experience to Marketing, Market Research, and finally Management Consulting. Today, most of the consulting projects he does are related to Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation, Blockchain Design, and ICO & STO Development. He is an MBA graduate in 2015 and is currently a Blockchain tutor for one of the world's most distinguished tech business schools.

He moved to Hong Kong in 2000 for the post of Regional Manager - North Asia for Fairfax Business Media and grew Asia Pacific revenue by 40%. He was responsible for Sales, Marketing and Research. He joined Pyramid Research in 2002 as Commercial Director of Asia Pacific. He grew AP revenue by 50% and delivered the first profit in 5 years.

In 2004, he founded Red Mountain Records which established the first independent on-line music distribution platform for foreign music in Asia, representing music from around the globe. It was here that he was a pioneer in digital marketing from 2004 by leveraging social media (MySpace driving traffic to our on-line retail platform. They sold advertising and executed 300+ digital marketing campaigns across our platform. He personally programmed and developed our e-commerce system on the AsiaPay Platform.

Next, he focused on his consulting with Strategineer, which for 4 years worked with Blue-Chip companies in Hong Kong on Business Development, Business Strategy Consulting and Digital Transformation projects.

Pushing the boundaries further, he founded Black Art Sound as a way to marry business strategy and digital consulting with innovation. This quickly turned into a consulting business with a heavy focus on Digital, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Development and Design, and ICO Strategy.

International Blockchain Labs is a disruptive Blockchain Platform that will change the way institutions trade by delivering a new standard in speed and scalability. He is a tutor for the MIT Sloan Online Blockchain course.

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