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Daniel Dabek

Daniel Dabek

Representative from Liberland to Serbia Liberland


Daniel Dabek is both a software engineer and a market analyst. Expertise in the implementation of new blockchain technologies and exchanges often conflicts with an ability to articulate exactly why this progress is so significant, but Daniel’s career on Wall Street in client relationships gave him valuable insight on how to translate the granular details of software development into easily digestible analysis and reporting. Having a foot on both sides of this rapidly expanding market has allowed Daniel to be both a creator and a critic. He has written extensively for Coin Idol and Coin Telegraph and is a prodigious speaker and conference panelist.

Daniel has a long history of portfolio management, first becoming interested in crypto-assets and blockchain technology in the early days of Bitcoin. Since he has actively traded & managed crypto-assets and portfolios while consulting individuals and investors on all things Crypto. Daniel’s experience in both the asset management and computer science fields provides him with a unique mix of both technical programming & alpha-generating abilities.

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