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Dan Quan

Dan Quan

Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company


Dan Quan is Managing Partner of Banks Street Advisory. He is also a Senior Advisor for McKinsey’s Banking Practice. A nationally recognized FinTech thought leader, Dan serves as a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Beltway. Dan’s deep understanding of disruptive technologies and regulatory policies makes him a trusted advisor to many CEOs of successful FinTech firms.

More recently, Dan was Senior Advisor to the Director at the CFPB and led its FinTech office, Project Catalyst. The first of its kind in the world, Project Catalyst has inspired regulatory agencies across the globe to set up dedicated innovation hubs to promote financial innovation.

Before joining the CFPB, Dan was a research associate at Harvard Business School (HBS). He worked for Professor Peter Tufano, currently Dean-University of Oxford Saïd Business School. Dan was a key contributor to two influential HBS research projects on the U.S. competitiveness led by Professor Michael Porter: Prosperity At Risk (2012) and Competitiveness At A Crossroads (2013).

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