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Dan Giurescu

Dan Giurescu

Founder TerraHub


Dan Giurescu is a dynamic, insightful and collaborative business leader with demonstrated success identifying market opportunities where others may not, and capitalizing on them. With a depth of well-rounded energy industry experience, Dan leverages his financial acumen, regulatory knowledge, and technology expertise to work with Executive teams and Board Directors, furthering organizational efficiencies, mitigating risk, and maximizing profits. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan thrives on the challenge of commercializing new concepts, guiding teams, and inspiring action through the creation of a motivating environment where taking risks in pursuit of success is encouraged.

As the Founder of TerraHub, he leads the first Calgary-based, internationally recognized, blockchain education, incubator and consulting institute. Executes company vision with excitement and integrity.

TerraHub is building an ecosystem for technical and nontechnical education programs, a student co-op placement, incubation and consulting. TerraHub is where companies and individuals can learn about blockchain, build blockchain-based products and gain access to funding, mentors, and investors.

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