Meet Craig Smith -
Craig Smith

Craig Smith

CEO Dhahran Techno Valley


Craig Smith is a relentless optimist, working with inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to turn bright ideas into real and tangible assets. He is an Intellectual Property professional with deep experience in copyright, patent and trademark protection, advancing both private interests and the public good.

His passion is helping inventors in emerging economies to bridge the gap between their ideas and real market opportunities. He advocates global innovation ecosystems and shares Silicon Valley’s successes and failures with entrepreneurs from ASEAN nations and the Middle East.

He focuses on Conventional Energy, Renewable Energy, Water Management, IT and Cyber Security - building partnerships, collaborations and licensing programs for corporate use and public benefit.

Universal values drive his embrace of progressive technology development: human rights; equal economic opportunities; gender equality; child protection from human trafficking; clean available drinking water.

His global network is at the core of what he does. Creating and fostering relationships – and giving back – is a cornerstone of conducting business today.

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