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Claire Doole

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Claire Doole is a former actress, BBC correspondent and international spokeswoman who is passionate about helping people communicate with confidence and impact.

From the age of 7, she competed in local theatre festivals. Her end of school report listed her only achievement as being accepted by the National Youth Theatre. After University - acting in Oxford University productions - she joined a Theatre in Education Company in the Netherlands.

In 1989, Claire joined BBC World Service where she rose through the ranks as a producer, on-air presenter, and editor before getting her first big break as Brussels producer and reporter in 1994 and Geneva Correspondent in 1998. She covered some of the decade’s iconic stories - the death of Princess Diana, the election of Berlusconi and the rise of the far-right in Austria. On September 11, she was in Washington and reported for the BBC on the attacks that changed the course of world politics.

In 2003, she became a spokesperson for the United Nations Refugee Agency and then head of media at WWF International. Claire wanted to tell stories that would shape the public debate on humanitarian, environmental and development issues. Armed with the strategic tools of a public relations professional, she made videos and trained staff on how to tell their organization’s story.

Since 2006, Claire's focus has been on helping people become compelling communicators and storytellers. Training brings together all her skills as an actress, journalist, and spokesperson, and uses them to build people’s self-assurance and transform how they communicate.

She runs courses on talking to the media, public speaking, presenting, speechwriting, panel moderating, facilitating and writing with impact. She also moderates at conferences and panel discussions.

Claire firmly believes that progress has nothing to do with talent, but everything to do with skills and a desire to constantly improve.

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