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Ciro Gaglione

Ciro Gaglione

Head of Television Application Development Sky Italia


Reporting to the Director of Customer Technology, Ciro Gaglione is making interactive STB/OTT add-ons to mainstream Sky Italia products, supporting companion editorial contents, participation, and social television, content discovery, catch-up television, upselling and cross-selling, customer remote support.

The area covers the overall head-to-head (H2H) architecture and involves the development of both back-end (BE) and front-end (FE) components and integration of heterogeneous software technologies and platforms regarding STB/OTT devices over a satellite-IP hybrid network.

He is positioned at senior management level, the role entails the coordination of external technology providers, budget allocation and management (OpEx/CapEx), project portfolio management. His responsibilities cover the whole software development cycle (architecture HLD/LLD, implementation, verification and validation (V&V)), with a strong propension to account activities to promote innovation and to elicitate/specify both business and product requirements in cooperation with core business functions such as Marketing Dpt. and TV Producers.

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