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Cindy Mallory

Cindy Mallory

Partner Tareo Capital Management


Cindy Mallory studied biochemistry and started her career designing enzymes for biofuel application. She transitioned into video games to launch a PS4 title and become an emerging tech analyst.

She stepped into new realities to head go-to-market and voice acting for VR development, while building a global trade association research committee, as a CMO and international speaker.

Her next stop was agency hustle, as director and strategist for high tech digital to work with passionate teams looking to create ambitious products that produced measurable wins.

She was honored to become a part of the guiding force for while consulting and building her second intentional research committee for the VR/AR Association this time in the blockchain.

She is geeked about all the projects she touches as an NYC based emergent tech strategist to disrupt the status quo for digital transformation and go-to-market for blockchain, VR, and AR.

She keeps her toes in video games while helping usher forth the decentralized, integrated, digital mesh era.

This high tech honey badger has strategized, scoped, executed, and exceeded expectations on everything from AR enterprise to innovative digital product to VR gaming to blockchain projects.

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