Meet Chuck Papageorgiou -
Chuck Papageorgiou

Chuck Papageorgiou

Co-Founder and CEO International Screening Solutions


Chuck Papageorgiou is an expert leader and manager in global, complex, competitive and changing environments and a leader of organizations in both the new and the old economy environment. He is the manager of operations and technology for large global corporations and a builder of start-up companies for investors and spinoffs for corporations. He is also a leader and Consultant on Turn arounds of troubled operations. He is a developer and implementer of corporate strategies in the areas of Operations, Technology, Outsourcing, Risk Management, Logistics, Marketing, and Quality Management. He is experienced in the business segments of Medical Services, Logistics, Telecommunications, Consulting, Financial Services, Employer Services, and Transaction Processing. He is a consultant and contract executive for Fortune 1000 companies on Corporate Strategy, Turn-Arounds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Partnerships and Alliances, Technology Implementations, and Global Outsourcing.

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