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Christopher Bergstresser

Christopher Bergstresser

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Christopher Bergstresser is a Mobile and Video Game Executive transforming organizations with innovative growth, revenue streams, development methodologies, and user acquisition strategies. He aligns all ecosystems to drive sustained growth and product revenue.

From his early days leading the launch of ground-breaking entertainment with Sega and negotiating multimillion-dollar partnerships with Microsoft, Disney and ESPN for Konami, to recently uniting the mobile and web strategy for a game developer/platform Miniclip, he has impacted almost every facet in the mobile, online and console gaming industry.

His extensive leadership, creative business acumen, and 'down in the trenches' experiences make him the go-to leader when organizations need someone to lead product, marketing and strategy to drive the profitability of new and existing product suites or take new concepts from conception to general release.

He conceptualizes the goal and takes the pragmatic steps to make it happen. He thinks very creatively about a business and then executes on a plan.

This ability to execute has made him successful in driving the diversification of revenue channels, sustained growth, and new product development. He creates strategic partnerships that drive overall growth and give operations wings. Uniting staff, he gets everyone focused on and excited about a strategic direction. As a team builder, he inspires consensus and drives results.

As a natural leader, Christopher leads by example, working for side-by-side staff at every level to help and guide as needed. He opens his doors to employees, providing guidance when needed, praise when they succeed and believed in the power of learning from mistakes.

He is currently developing new opportunities to provide unique skills and experiences to Advisory Boards, non-profits, and speaking engagements.

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