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Christina Biona-Gallano

Christina Biona-Gallano

Technical Project Manager ConsenSys


Christina Biona-Gallano has 20 strong years of IT experience, 2 of which is as a Technical Project Manager in ConsenSys. She started her IT career as a Junior Developer until she became a Technical Project Manager. She has the full experience of delivering a successful project through the use of Waterfall Methodology and Agile. During her stint with blockchain, she led the delivery of Project i2i as the Technical Project Manager, which is a local remittance application meant to be used by rural banks so that they’ll be at par with the remittance services of the commercial banks.

Other than her project team, she also worked with the client’s project team, 3rd party vendors for the code review requirements and the Central Bank of the Philippines to ensure that Project i2i is compliant with the set regulations and policies. She has had a chance to work with a diverse group of individuals coming from Australia, the US, Romania, Israel, Hong Kong to name a few.

She was also featured at Kaleido’s website for all her works for Project i2i and was interviewed by BBC News for her involvement in the award-winning Bounties for Basura initiative.

Her dedication to blockchain allowed her to gain a scholarship grant from the Ethereal Conference and is one of the 50 Devcon scholars of the Ethereum Foundation. She is also a volunteer lead for the Partnership and Scholarship Committee for the 2020 Devcon scholarship program of the Ethereum Foundation.

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