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Chris Dannen

Chris Dannen

Founder and Partner Iterative Capital Management


Chris Dannen is the Founder and Partner at Iterative Capital Management, the New York-based cryptocurrency investment manager founded in 2016. He is also the Head of Product at i2 Trading, the wholesale dealer and trading desk.

His career has been devoted to the study and design of human systems in an entrepreneurship context. As a corporate ethnographer, Chris documented process and organization design inside hundreds of large corporations and early-stage startups, learning how successful products are conceived and executed. His writing on innovation has been published in Fast Company, Wired, and MIT Technology Review. As a strategist, he has consulted independently for Bloomberg LP, Microsoft, Edelman, SohoHouse, General Assembly, and Atlantic Media, plus others as a staff strategist for Undercurrent LLC and ReD Associates, which includes companies such as Samsung, GE, and American Express. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded the iOS development shop SneakersAgency in Brooklyn, NY in 2013, and began his first small-scale cryptocurrency mining operation in 2014.

Chris is the author and co-author of five books on software development, UX/UI, and design. He graduated from the University of Virginia and lives in Manhattan, NY.

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