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Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert

Co-Founder and CEO One Eighty


During Chris Colbert's career, he has built and helped build many companies, ranging from the creation of the largest independent advertising agency at the time to a recent turnaround of a key division of Scholastic. Along the way he has established himself as an energizing and positive force, capable of bringing diverse teams together around a singular task, identifying the practical strategic pathways, and figuring out how to help the organization go down them, with just the right combination of delegation, motivation, and accountability. He is first and foremost an innovator, looking at problems solely as opportunities and uniquely competent at finding simple solutions to their inherent complexities. His mental model tends to be paradoxical: systems thinking combined with highly intuitive and non-linear creativity. It's that model when combined with his energy, that makes me so effective as a leader, operator or guide.

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