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Pak Teng Chow, otherwise known as “Pak” is the CEO of Blockspace Asia, a platform to connect SMEs to Blockchain Solutions through Education and Adoption. On a monthly basis, they conduct Blockchain events to allow SME owners from traditional industries to understand how new solutions such as Blockchain can enable new possibilities to save cost, increase trust and improve efficiencies on an enterprise level.

Always a problem solver at heart, Pak started his first venture, Jibber, a social media application to allow free speech for everyone to say what’s on their mind without getting judged by societal norms. The app has gained success within the local school communities and was also funded by SPRING Singapore.

He is also working on a payment wallet that will allow cryptocurrency adoption for the masses by allowing users to pay in crypto directly with e-commerce giants while ensuring liquidity and stability for all parties.

His current mission is to deliver the value of Blockchain and Technology for everyone that can benefit from it.

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