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Chetan Phull

Chetan Phull

Principal Lawyer Smartblock Law Professional Corporation


Chetan Phull is the Principal Lawyer at Smartblock Law Professional Corporation.

Chetan has a regulatory focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and IT contracts.

He also litigates cases related to software, digital assets, online platforms, regulatory investigations, online defamation, and cyber insurance. His litigation experience includes trials, applications, motions, and appeals, with upwards of $40 million in dispute.

Chetan services a diverse range of sophisticated clients including public companies, financial institutions, investment firms, large private corporations, and high net worth crypto investors.

Chetan is the author of Big Data Law in Canada, an 11-chapter book that critically examines various areas of law affecting data-driven enterprises.

He has also authored several compilations and articles on blockchain and virtual asset regulation, spanning securities, commercial transactions, banking, taxation, and digital asset litigation.

Chetan has delivered seminars on blockchain and privacy laws for the Ontario Bar Association, Osgoode Professional Development, the BlockchainHub at York University, and the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department.

He is a frequent speaker at industry events including the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit, Futurist Conference, DEFCON Toronto, and Cyber Tech & Risk.

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