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Charles Stack

Charles Stack

Executive Commitee Blockland Solutions


Charles Stack is a successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor, inventor, educator, startup advisor, and co-founder of the startup accelerator Flashstarts. He founded, the first online retailer. In 2000, Charles won the Infoworld E-Business Innovator Award for his contributions to Internet Retail along with Tim-Berners-Lee (WWW), Dr. James Gosling (Java), Jeff Hawkins (Palm Pilot), Richard Stallman (GNU), Times Howes (LDAP), and Phil Zimmerman (PGP).

Charles holds numerous U.S. patents, including, “People who bought this also bought that” and a hashing patent for identifying digital objects. He founded Flashline, an enterprise web services software company acquired by BEA/Oracle. He has been a frequent speaker/teacher on the topic of enterprise software architecture, winning several Best of Show awards. Charles is on the Cleveland Blockland Executive Committee and recently conducted a regional outreach speaking series, "Around the Block," explaining blockchain and Blockland to hundreds of people throughout Northeast Ohio.

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