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Charles Ross

Charles Ross

Asia Editorial Director The Economist Intelligence Unit


Charles is currently editorial director for The Economist's industry and management research business, where he covers a territory spanning from Australia to India and China. His team works with many Western multinationals from the Fortune 500 but increasingly with Asian multinationals, governments, SMEs and high-growth technology firms as well.

A research, insights and strategy expert with a deep practical knowledge of business drawn from almost 20 years of working either within companies to set strategy and deliver on business outcomes, or as an external consultant and researcher. Practical experience is underpinned by formal training, including an MBA undertaken at the University of Oxford.

His expertise covers a range of disciplines—strategic communications, technology trends, writing and editing, public speaking, economics, investor relations, media relations and quantitative/qualitative research—built up over many years of developing strategy, research and communications programmes for large companies. Initially by creating compelling investment stories for companies going through the fund-raising process, more recently at The Economist he manages strategic research projects and develops engaging thought leadership programmes for companies across Asia-Pacific.

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