Meet Bruce Wade -
Bruce Wade

Bruce Wade

Chief Risk Officer National Bank of Bahrain


Bruce Wade is a highly experienced and professional senior executive with more than 35 years in banking. Currently, he is the Chief Risk Officer for the National Bank of Bahrain in Bahrain for the past five years.

His experience includes Strategic Development, Risk Management, Relationship Management, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Commercial and Consumer Banking, Operations, Capital Markets, and Treasury. International experience includes six years in Tokyo; four years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; two years in Hong Kong; one year in Doha, Qatar and worked across Australia.

Bruce demonstrates outstanding leadership, vision and strong decision making with a focus on profitability, market and client knowledge and build a strong team and deliver results.

He was recently quoted by Thomson Reuters as a speaker at The Corporate Restructuring Summit 2018. Please refer to the attached link.

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