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Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell

Founder Rockwell Trades


Brian Sewell is a founder of Rockwell Trades, an institutional OTC cryptocurrency trading facility, Zion Trades, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and Rockwell Capital, a family office committed to educating family offices and high net worth investors on the potential of cryptocurrency to transform how the world does business and provide an opportunity to the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked.

He previously developed a system for ACH electronic financial transactions as an executive for World Savings (a Fortune 500 Bank sold to Wells Fargo), before striking out on his own as a financier and managing over $1.1 billion in assets. His banking experience spurred me in 2013 to invest in bitcoin, and in 2014, to become an independent cryptocurrency liquidity provider. That business evolved into Rockwell Trades, an institutional cryptocurrency trading facility.

Brian's cryptocurrency liquidity and investment activities also funded Rockwell Capital, a family office that invests in cryptocurrency while educating high net worth investors and family offices about this transformational technology and emerging investment asset.

He believes that in a few years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will become as integrated into our daily lives as the internet is today.

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