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Brendan McCord

Brendan McCord

CEO Altway Insurance


Brendan McCord is the CEO of Altway Insurance. At Altway, they are building the modern insurance discovery platform. Their technology helps customers make better decisions about the risks they face and navigate an uncertain world with confidence.

He also leads an amazing team of machine learning engineers and data scientists at Tulco Labs and responsible for AI-enabled value creation at Tulco Holdings. They partnered with strong businesses outside of the tech sector and accelerate their transition to being leaders in an AI-driven economy.

His background combines deep exposure to the AI frontier, including solution building, open-source contribution, and go-to-market execution, with experience leading historic efforts to transform one of the most complex, entrenched, and high stakes enterprises in the world.

He is driven by the desire to close the gap between the amazing things that are possible at the frontier and what is in use in the real world, in a way that changes society for the better.

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