Meet Brad Koeppen -
Brad Koeppen

Brad Koeppen

Head of Trading and President of Business Development CMT Digital


With over 15 years of experience in proprietary trading, from the floor of the CBOE to high-frequency equity and ETF trading, Brad Koeppen has spent his career solving problems in a constantly evolving financial marketplace. Having traded a wide variety of assets (equity options, index options, equities, ETF's, futures and cryptocurrencies) has given him a sufficient background to ask the right questions to help guide the team toward taking realistic steps toward our goals, not only focusing on what we can do but what we should do. He was instrumental in CMT's success when they decided to pivot a group of traders and operations staff into cryptocurrencies to build a new trading desk. Additionally, the diversity of CMT's businesses has allowed him to use his understanding of traditional and crypto markets to help analyze venture capital opportunities.

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