Meet Bob Mumgaard -
Bob Mumgaard

Bob Mumgaard

CEO Commonwealth Fusion Systems


Bob Mumgaard is the CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a fusion energy startup company spin-out of MIT. He drives the company’s vision to accelerate the path to commercial fusion energy by managing its strategic partnerships and technical approach.

He believes in the power of technical and organizational innovation to facilitate the breakthroughs needed to combat climate change. The CFS team is working in collaboration with MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) to realize the holy grail of renewable energy: fusion.

The CFS approach to fusion energy leverages decades of basic research in plasma physics with recent advances in superconductors, bringing the prospect of clean, limitless, fusion energy significantly closer to realization. By building very compact, very magnetic field devices, called tokamaks the company is on track to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion within the decade.

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