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Bo Polny

Bo Polny

Founder Gold 2020 Forecast


Mr. Polny is an experienced analysis of TIME specializing in the bitcoin & crypto‐currencies, Gold and Silver. He has successfully TIMED the 2011 $1900 Gold & $49 Silver cycle tops, China’s April 2015 Stock Market top, the December 3, 2015 final gold bottom at $1045, the December 15, 2016 gold bottom at $1124 while the US Dollar was making its FINAL TOP at 103.50 and most recently bitcoin’s January 2018 top, subsequent $11,000+ plunge and now the July 16, 2018 NEW Bull Market Breakout Since the July 16, 2018 price breakout, he is now forecasting a bitcoin and cryptocurrency price explosions into year end 2018 that will continue into 2019 that will be accompanied by several violent and severe price drops. Fortunes are about to be made those prepared; while lost by those un‐ prepared.

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