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Blaine McLaughlin

Blaine McLaughlin

Interim Chief Product Officer Folio Investments, Inc.


Blaine McLaughlin is working to revolutionize how alternative securities (private and non-traded equity and debt) are bought and sold in the U.S. with VIA Folio, the online investing platform, distribution network, and marketplace powered by Folio's unique clearing and custody brokerage for broker/dealers, serial issuers, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and investors.

He is currently focused on creating a broad and deep marketplace of investors, advisors, and offerings (including those recorded on a blockchain), partnering with investment bankers, broker-dealers and online investing sites that focus on IPOs, STOs, private and non-traded securities, all using the Folio technology and operations.

His team are supporting a better way for companies and funds to access capital, and making it simple and cost-effective to buy and hold alternative securities in an online brokerage account as part of a diversified portfolio of public and private equity and debt -- expanding the available asset classes and driving down minimum purchase amounts to enable potentially lower portfolio risk through diversification.

He has accumulated years of experience and success leading teams, developing products and business lines for large and small companies, and leading customer acquisition and customer management for credit cards, consumer deposits, and online investing. He had roles in strategy, marketing analysis, operations, financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, sales, alliances, marketing, process redesign and implementation, and team leadership.

Now he is having a great time trying to make the world a little bit better by supporting SRI and capital formation, as well as his small company.

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