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Bimal Gandhi

Bimal Gandhi

CEO Uniken Inc.


Bimal Gandhi is a multi-faceted, international C-Level executive. He blends finance, strategy, technology, and operations in to a seamless portfolio to drive performance via a strong focus on metrics. He built businesses by opening new channels, increasing capacity and growing revenue, reengineering processes, renegotiating deals, and eliminating waste with little people impact. His career has spanned the financial services, management consulting, travel, and business process outsourcing industries in the United States, UK, Asia, and India. He is known for the ability to fuse strong analytical skills with business practicality by scrutinizing the issues of the day and creating executable plans that change the trajectory of the business for tomorrow.

He has a strong reputation for taking new or “stalled” businesses to the next level and thrives on big-picture challenges where synergies can be leveraged to create value and open new market opportunities that meet or surpass shareholder expectations. His leadership style is defined by a strong ability to communicate difficult concepts in a simple and engaging manner that motivates and energies people. He gives responsibility and ownership for critical projects that accelerate the vision of the organization, rewarding and recognizing a job well done and ongoing support to help deliver. His teams look beyond what is doable and accomplish the impossible in the fastest time possible.

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