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Bill Barhydt

Bill Barhydt

Founder and CEO Abra


Bill Barhydt's is the Founder and CEO of Abra. His passion is information technology and how it can be used to improve people's lives. Whether it's for cryptocurrency investing, mobile money, education, group collaboration and messaging, cryptography, smart devices, robotics, or games he believes in the power of information technology and the people behind it to make a big difference.

He gave the first ever TED talk on Bitcoin on February 2012. Bitcoin was trading at about $2 and 90% of the TED audience didn't know what it was.

In 2011 he helped form the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance (IDEA) with the U.S. State Department and USAID to facilitate better relations within migrant communities across the US and their families "back home."

Bill spent several years working on smart contracts technology. Some of this work was used at Sennari in designing our mobile wallet and digital currency system.

In 2000 he received the Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum for our work in online collaboration at WebSentric.

In 1998 he started WebSentric which was the first online meeting service that required no software install beyond a basic web browser.

In 1996 he helped design the first-ever large scale web hosting business in Europe for one of our customers at Netscape. It was used by millions of people.

Bill's business interests include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Mobile Education & Games for Kids, Internet of Things & M2M, Robotics, Drones & Arduino Programming.

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