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Ben Goldin

Ben Goldin

CTO / CPO Mambu


Ben Goldin is a Hands-on Technology Leader and Software Engineer with a clear focus towards the ultimate goal, solution versus technology-oriented, with a proven track of delivering highly scalable, mission-critical solutions end-to-end, from needs and requirements management to software architecture, to development, to Continuous Delivery and operational support, with 19+ years overall software engineering experience.

He is passionate about great user experience and simplistic software architecture. Ben is also very enthusiastic about and experienced in architecture based on SOA 2.0 with Micro-Services, Highly-Decoupled Event-Driven Architectures, and Event Sourcing.

Ben is a team member with a great agile and lean software development experience, including coaching and mentoring the team in agile practices, introducing agile practices into the multi-team organizations.

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