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Athanasios T. Ladopoulos

Athanasios T. Ladopoulos

CIO LAPO Blockchain


Athanasios T. Ladopoulos vision is to develop the next generation investment management, education and blockchain products to provide a significant difference leading to a better life. He's dedicated to creating a legacy and an infrastructure that improves the lives of millions.

With Athanasios' 17 years and more of experience in spearheading strategies for company growth and revenue and investment opportunities, his recent focus is in developing his company- MOOCTEAS as well as efficient investment strategies for Cryptocurrencies and Stable Coins.

Athanasios was appointed as the Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Directors Dealings Fund before setting up MOOCTEAS, an intelligent tutoring platform for Massive Online Open Course (MOOC). Having seen the unexplored market of personalized education using Artificial Intelligence, he proceeded to initiate an Educational Technology holding company which brought him to discover new and exciting experiences during his time in The United States.

Most recently, Athanasios came on board the 2S Pro Group and as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer respectively. As Managing Partner of the group, he co-share the leadership role of the company’s advisory practice, including blockchain, crypto and the AI aspect of our Business Development operations, whereas in the role of CIO, Athanasios has conceptualized Lapo’s currency stabilization, value capturing and value preservation mechanism.

Today, Athanasios is excited to drive the Crypto Assets and Blockchain industry into the next generation of change. He also seeks to propel the private tutoring marketplace into a transformative AI-driven system to help students achieve excellence by increasing graduation rates learning efficiencies and advancement in their careers.

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