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Arnold Waldstein

Arnold Waldstein

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Arnold Waldstein is a career-long market maker and communications strategist focused on building brands and communities on new technology platforms for emerging markets. He invests, advises and sits on boards in the blockchain/crypto space as well as for traditional web brands and software projects.

Arnold came of age as a tech executive during the early days of the computer gaming era. First, as the marketing lead that took Atari public on the rollout of our ST Computer and a library of new games and trademarked classics. Then as founding head of marketing with Creative Labs, that grew from three guys with near-zero revenue to a $1 billion public company within four years, selling 89 million Sound Blasters, inventing the multimedia SW category, and rallying a vast developer community around our de facto sound standard. These early successes and learnings still very much inform his perspective and ground his approach today.

Arnold has spent a career applying these market intuitions and communications skills to gaming, the rise of e-commerce and web analytics, VoIP comm, functional food, and dynamic supplements, and to Hollywood and the movies, wherewith RealD, he brought stereoscopic 3D to big-screen storytelling worldwide.

A crypto enthusiast since early 2016, it was working with CryptoKitties, Bill Tai and Actai Global on the Honu project, pioneering how to connect their gaming platform with environmental philanthropy that inspired him to search out and work with the most innovative and impactful crypto projects like NodeSwap, CacaoShares, and others.

Arnold is also a health and wellness fanatic, cat lover, natural wine and tech blogger on the side.

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