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Ariane Rodert

Ariane Rodert

President INT-section EESC European Economic and Social Committee


Ariane Rodert is President INT-section EESC of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and appointed as an EESC member by the Swedish government representing civil society interests.

Ariane’s key areas of expertise in the EESC and at the European level are social economy enterprises, social innovation, and social investment. She has drafted several key opinions on the subject, most recently on the financial eco-system for social economy enterprises on request by the Luxembourg EU Presidency, and is currently drafting an EESC opinion for the Netherlands EU Presidency on innovation and business models. Ariane coordinated the EESC Social Enterprise Project and is often consulted on these topics by the European institutions and the Member States. She is Vice President of the EESC internal market section, the EESC representative in the European Commission high-level expert group GECES and a member of the EESC Permanent Study Group for Social Economy Enterprise and the EESC Social Economy Category Group.

Ariane holds a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics from the University of Stockholm.

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