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Antoine Burret

Antoine Burret

Sociologist University of Geneva


Antoine Burret is a sociologist. He holds a Master's in cultural policy in countries in transition from the Unesco Chair. He obtained a doctorate in sociology and anthropology from the University of Lyon 2 with a thesis entitled: "Study of the configuration in Third Place: repolarization by service".

His research has been the subject of published articles and books, in particular, "Third Places and more if affinities" at FYP Edition. Antoine co-founded the Cintcom Foundation and contributed to many projects from third places (Movilab, POC Foundation, Fork the world, La MYNE, etc.), an expert member of the Employment Committee of the Fondation de France and regularly consulted by public authorities, research institutions and companies for strategic advice on third places and participatory approaches.

Antoine participated in the creation of the 3DD concertation space in Geneva and in the Hub3DD documentation platform. Today, he is a researcher at the Institute of Service Sciences, University Center of Computer Science, Unige, where he explores the effects of digital transformation on normative production.

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