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Anouk Pinchetti

Anouk Pinchetti

Education and Business Strategy Consultant Intraverse Blockchain Technologies


Anouk Pinchetti is currently a highly reputed trainer for The New Money Institute, an Education Consultant for the Melbourne Blockchain Center, and Business Strategy Consultant and Blockchain Educator for Intraverse Institute.

Regarded as an industry leader, Anouk shares his knowledge on Blockchain Projects to corporate and government departments on the application of Blockchain Technology, and in boardrooms and conferences nationally and globally. Anouk regularly leads workshops and consults on the application of Blockchain Technology to a range of corporate and community sectors.

Prior to consulting and educating on Blockchain, Anouk has had a broad career in Information Technology encompassing network administration, software development, business analysis, service delivery management, and project management and he has been a broad researcher and activist in the community currencies space since the '90s.

Anouk is an Educator and Business Strategy Consultant at Blockchain Advisory Council. He is a Cryptocurrency Design Consultant at Avantique. He is also a Blockchain Strategy Consultant at Mineral Assurance and a Technology Analyst at Intraverse Institute.

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