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Anne-Sophie Perret

Anne-Sophie Perret

Founding Partner CIRCE Partners


Anne-Sophie Perret brings over 29 years of experience and knowledge to companies that are looking for insightful individuals to help them grow to the next level.

She believes that firms can turn risk to their advantage, that good corporate governance is key to deliver strategic objectives and make a vision into reality. She is passionate about adding value and delivering sustainable solutions, by keeping things simple to understand and easy to implement. Over the years, she had the opportunity to be an active member of senior committees, providing insightful input beyond her domains of expertise, and has been assisting Board members.

As a change agent for over 25 years, Anne-Sophie has developed a deep understanding of the importance of people as key enablers to any successful transformation, an aspect that she integrates systematically into her approach.

She also continuously explores new concepts and technologies that can be leveraged to provide innovative solutions. She is a firm believer in the benefits of digital transformation and the power of AI and Blockchain and is keen to support firms to assess and implement their strategy.

People who have worked with Anne-Sophie consistently say she is results-oriented, respectful, intellectually curious and a trusted partner who promotes transparency, integrity, and fairness. People recognize her ability to challenge the status quo and ask the right questions. She is able to engage at all levels and promote participation in highly diverse environments. She is passionate about developing human capital and coaching teams. She has the ability to grasp the big picture, raise the right questions, design simple solutions to solve complex problems and synthesize information adapted to the audience.

She is determined to make a difference to this world and contribute positively at both social and environmental levels: whether supporting the deployment of an adequate financial crime compliance program using AI or advising on a strategy to implement DLT/ Blockchain to improve inclusiveness.

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