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Anna Mansi

Anna Mansi

Head of Certification British Film Institute (BFI)


As Head of Certification, Anna Mansi works closely with key stakeholders in government and across the Creative Sector industries to provide advice and guidance on the application processes for all of the cultural tests, co-production treaties and policies relating to all of the Creative Sector tax reliefs. She has extensive knowledge of all the creative sector tax reliefs, cultural tests, and co-production treaties and has been instrumental in assisting the government with the structure of new cultural requirements as each of the new creative sector reliefs has been introduced. Anna has also led BFI’s responses to Government consultations on the new reliefs and HMT’s VFX consultation. Anna regularly speaks on panels at conferences and events to promote tax reliefs such as the Children’s Media Conference, Glasgow Film Festival, Develop and many others. In addition, Anna has organized BFI led seminars and events for the Animation, Video games, and Children’s Television Sectors.

Anna was also involved in the setting up and the introduction of the BFI’s Diversity Standards which apply to BFI supported projects with National Lottery funding and are assessed by the BFI Certification Unit. Anna is a member of the BFI Diversity steering group, the Production Guild of Great Britain and Women in Film & TV.

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