Meet Anna Gedda -
Anna Gedda

Anna Gedda

Head of Sustainability H&M group


With an equal passion for fashion and sustainability, Anna Gedda joined the H&M group in 2008 and has been part of its sustainability work ever since. It is her firm belief that fashion can be truly sustainable, but it requires bold ambitions, groundbreaking innovations, and collaboration both within and outside the industry.

Having held several positions within the sustainability area, she took on the position as Head of Sustainability in 2015 and is since responsible for driving and implementing sustainability throughout the H&M group together with a fantastic team of 250 people. In this position, she has to lead the work to set a new long-term sustainability strategy for the H&M group with the aim to lead the change towards the sustainable fashion industry. The vision is to help create an industry based on circularity and renewable energy, that is fair to all people in its value chain and that makes it easy for consumers to make informed and sustainable choices.

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