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Andy Chun

Andy Chun

Regional Director, Technology Innovation Prudential Corporation Asia


Andy Chun is a seasoned senior executive and a broad technologist with over 30 years of experience in a wide range of industries, including finance, insurance, health, transportation, and education. He is widely recognized as a top IT leader and an AI pioneer. Andy has a diverse background, achieving success in academia, industry, consulting, and start-up operations. He has a proven track record of leveraging technology to successfully transform businesses and create value while improving customer experience. AI systems he created have contributed to improving the quality of life and benefiting millions of citizens daily.

Currently, he is with the global financial services group Prudential plc as the Regional Director of Technology Innovation for Asia. Chun provides leadership in the use of AI to improve customers’ health and wealth, and transform business.

Andy is also an honorary Adjunct Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. Previously, he served as its Chief Information Officer (CIO) and provided leadership to the IT organization and was responsible for defining the University's ICT strategies. During his tenure, he successfully transformed CityU to be a leader in the use of technology to nurture 21st-century innovative thinkers and leaders. Chun was named one of the worldwide 2013 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders, 2012 Hong Kong CIO of the Year, and the 2010 Top 5 CIOs in Greater China.

Andy has also been a serial entrepreneur and acted as CEO of several technology start-ups. He has also been a highly trusted consultant/advisor to many of the largest organizations in this region and a sought-after keynote speaker on a wide range of technology-related topics. Systems he led received numerous international awards, including Innovative Applications of AI award from the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI), the Asia-Pacific ICT Award (APICTA), and the HK IT Excellence Award. In 2009, the HK Computer Society honored Chun with two Outstanding IT Achiever Awards - for research and IT professional excellence.

In 2019, Andy was elected a Council member to the Hong Kong Computer Society. Since 2017, Chun has been heading the Hong Kong Computer Society's AI Specialist Group, promoting AI and advising the government on AI and IT policies. From 2012-2017, Chun was also a member of the HK Government's Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee, the highest-level government advisory body on IT.

Andy holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and attended Executive MBA training at Boston University.

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