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Andrew Prell

Andrew Prell

CEO Convergence of 4 Dimensions


Andrew Prell, a veteran investor, director, developer, and serial entrepreneur is an early pioneer of virtual reality, being one of the first to commercialize the technology in the early 1990s. Andrew was the founder and CEO of Alternate Worlds Technology, Inc. (AWT) which developed and successfully marketed the first US Manufactured Virtual Reality Arcade System, the "Reality Rocket". The system featured several high profile games developed by Andrew's team, including Wolfenstein VR, and one of the first real-time 3D virtual reality games, Xenomorph, which was based on PixelPlanes Technology from the University of North Carolina.

More recently, Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Agora Technologies Inc., a software venture enabling live interaction in social media building on work done in partnership with Bell Labs, Lucent/Avaya, Compaq, Quest, and Computer Associates.

He is also currently working with industry leaders and other established pioneers on a stealth project aiming to disrupt the online games and mobile entertainment industries.

Andrew currently holds two patents and is named as an inventor in a third (The Brainwave Joystick Patent).

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