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Anca Petre

Anca Petre

Co-Founder and COO 23 Consulting


Anca Petre is a digital health and blockchain researcher and entrepreneur. As the co-founder of 23 Consulting, she specializes in guiding healthcare organizations through blockchain initiatives. She trains and assists major players in this sector on an international scale, including pharmaceutical corporations, startups, and hospitals. Having completed a double-degree in pharmacy and management, Anca is working on a thesis about the potential of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry. In her work as a speaker and writer, she is passionate about new technologies, their impact on the healthcare system, and democratizing their use for the medical community.

Anca is a Digital Health and Blockchain Contributor at IntelligentHQ and As a contributor, she primarily focuses her research on blockchain and the possible applications in the healthcare sector. She is also an Associate Partner at Ztudium, a technology specialist and digital transformation, AI, blockchain, DTL tech, crypto consultancy for the information age.

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