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Amy Peck

Amy Peck

Founder and CEO EndeavorVR


Amy Peck is a business development and strategy executive with years of experience working with startups. She holds several advisory roles and is an active member of Cheryl Sandberg's LeanIn Circles, Women of the 415, Women in Tech and Women in AR/VR.

She began her career in international licensing with PolyGram UK and Rough Trade Records. She spent years producing fashion stills, music videos and commercials with some of the largest brands, advertising agencies, photographers and directors. She was the post-production & special effects producer for most of her commercials and has always remained on the edge of new and emerging technology.

Amy's passion for virtual reality began at Leap Motion where she ran the enterprise division working with education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and government clients. She worked closely with the Leap Motion developer community to pair talented development teams with these commercial clients. It became clear that there was a need to help foster Augmented & Virtual Reality development in the commercial arena.

Amy works tirelessly with her developers and enterprise clients and is an avid AR/VR evangelist. She speaks at schools and universities on the topic and mentors students and young developers helping to realize their ambitions. Her own personal mission is to see AR/VR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives.

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