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Amit Pradhan

Amit Pradhan

Founder and President Silicon Valley Blockchain Society


Amit Pradhan is a seasoned startup founder, investor, and speaker who spends his time creating, evangelizing and investing in the future of responsible AI and decentralization.

He specializes in Product - development, management, marketing & evangelism, technology investments and has extensive hands-on experience with business communications, operational management, UX/product design, editorial direction, financial modeling and marketing.

He speaks at events around the world, to evangelize the need and the path to future society that is driven by responsible AI, around Privacy, decentralization of power/control, recognition of bias and the economic agency in a world that is losing jobs to automation at a rate and scale that is faster than ever before.

He built Technology startups (with multi-million dollar revenue streams) that have built Product for and worked with the Fortune 500's like HP, JP Morgan, SUN Microsystems and with very early stage startups, some of whom have gone on to become huge successes.

At Zero Labs, his team is building Zero AI - to power the 'AI of You' - a fully private AI that is able to listen, learn, reason, adapt and do tasks for its users without sending private data to the cloud.

At JetVentures, the startups he's investing in are doing incredible stuff with super smart founders and the experience that comes from watching them evolve is fantastic. He has worn many hats in his 20 years of being involved in the Technology Industry and they've helped him understand what businesses need at different stages in their lifecycle - from the first MVP, to recurring revenue, from finding the right co-founders to setting up the 100th hire.

As President of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, they are bringing a thoughtful and responsible approach to the impact, value and culture in the Decentralized Ecosystem.

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