Meet Amit Mital -
Amit Mital

Amit Mital

Founder and CEO Kernel Labs


Amit Mital is passionate about building world-class teams, driving disruptive innovation, and delivering great business results. He is also particularly interested in identifying, nurturing and growing new ideas from concept to bloom and then fruition. His special skills are in Strategic Business Execution, Technology expertise (Machine Learning, BigData, Telepresence, and Computer Vision) and Innovation (46 patents). At Kernel Labs, they are focused on opportunities in Machine Learning, VR and Cyber Security.

Previously, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Symantec Corp. His role was to develop the technology strategy and drive excellence in the way they build products for their customers. He also leads a significant portion of our Enterprise Security business, including EndPoint Security, Mobility Solutions, Encryption, and Management products. These products represent one of their most important company assets - serving over 400,000 customers worldwide by protecting and managing their individual computers and devices. In this capacity, he leads a distributed worldwide organization of over 3000 highly capable and passionate people who want to change the world.

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