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Aman Ladia

Aman Ladia

Founder and CEO Liquid Protocol


Aman Ladia is an inventor and entrepreneur with a keen interest in blockchain and cybersecurity. He has worked as a programmer to help educational institutes and SMEs improve their efficiency and security using blockchain fundamentals. He regularly writes on popular Blockchain blogs, as a part of his effort to expand the technology to the common man.

Aman's catalog of products includes an AI-enabled power-saving home automation device and a wearable safety jacket for bikers, both of which have received awards from the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science. Aman, as a solo competitor age 14 beat out larger, better funded and more experienced teams.

Having also won international level cyber and mathematics competitions, Aman dived into cryptography. Aman learned vulnerability analysis by exploiting misconfigured access privileges on network nodes at his school. Since then, he has worked with other institutes, attempting to strengthen their internal systems.

As a technical architect at Blockchain Fortress, a Canadian based firm, Aman has been working toward constructing new applications for the technology, in vastly different fields: from finance to real estate to education. He views technology as a bridge between corporations and governments.

Aman balances his tech career and interests while also attending the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, where he has held the top position in academics all through. He has been conferred with the prestigious Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Award twice, in addition to having won over 35 zonal, national and international olympiads and scholarships.

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