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Alon N. Cohen

Alon N. Cohen

Founder, Chairman and CEO CyberArk


Alon Cohen is an Israeli serial high-tech Entrepreneur, Novelist, and Inventor, best known as the Founder, former Chairman and CEO of CyberArk Software Ltd, a global information security company, publicly traded in Nasdaq (Nasdaq: CYBR). Alon founded CyberArk in his basement in 1999, he invented its Network Vault Patent (US Patent No 6,356,941) and the space of Privileged Account Security and personally developed the prototype version of its product in his basement in a suburb of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Alon served as the Company's Chairman and CEO until 2004 and as an Active Chairman of the board for 13 years, until Goldman Sachs and JVP acquired a big chunk of the Company in Dec 2011.

Following his tenure at CyberArk, Alon co-founded nsKnox, Intezer, and Muvix and he is now serving as Chairman and CEO of one of them, nsKnox Technologies, a Fintech-Security Company, focusing on helping banks and corporations to prevent corporate payments fraud.

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