Meet Ali Husseini -
Ali Husseini

Ali Husseini

CEO Medici Land Governance


Ali Husseini was previously a Vice President at Overstock before becoming CEO of Medici Land Governance. Medici Land Governance is in the business of providing secure property rights to land is a key function of the state that is essential to confront the 21st-century challenges and achieve transparency, gender equality, financial inclusion, and sustainable poverty reduction and economic growth. Access to computing power, connectivity, and remote sensing have given rise to new approaches, including distributed ledgers, that allow developing countries to leapfrog and secure land rights at scale in hitherto unimaginable ways. Medici Land Governance aims to use these technologies to empower Governments and other stakeholders to secure land rights and build secure, interoperable systems to harness associated benefits, create the evidence to document the associated benefits, and build capacity to support their rapid adoption to the benefit of all.

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