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Alfred Latschenberger

Alfred Latschenberger

Partner Tonlo


Alfred Latschenberger, born and grown up on a farm in the Austrian countryside. Ever since
he was passionate about farming and technologies.

He studied Financial Management and Banking and started working in the banking environment
during and after his studies. It didn’t take him long to realize that the current financial system
has many shortcomings and started to get involved in the crowd-investing industry. After his
first contact with BTC, he started focusing on this technology and its new opportunities it can
bring to the financial industry.

Today he is one of Co-Founders and Head of Marketing and Sales of Core Group and fully
involved in the cryptocurrency industry and focusing on getting the blockchain industry to
the mass adoption to achieve a functioning circular economy by digitizing literally everything.

He is a Partner at Tonlo, Cryptonminers, Core Token, Wallit, and WallMoney.

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