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Alexander Scammon

Alexander Scammon

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Alexander Scammon enjoys building motivated and effective engineering organizations. Whether at a large international company or a small local startup, he cares about how to create products just as much as what those products actually are.

Officially, he directed a large SaaS Monitoring product at Rackspace. Unofficially, his goal was to help improve engineering culture as a whole. His day-to-day duties focused on marrying the needs of his teams with the needs of business leaders to deliver enterprise-grade products. Meanwhile, he engaged the entire Rackspace engineering community with conferences, talks, videos, and more to improve how to accomplish their technical work.

Similarly, his work at Yahoo! revolved around instilling a culture of continuous integration and deployment. At the heart of all of this work is the connection he makes with individuals as he supports them in their own careers. His overarching belief is that how we collaborate and deliver code is just as important as the code itself.

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