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Ahmed Issa

Ahmed Issa

Chief Executive Officer of Retail Banking Commercial International Bank - Egypt


Ahmed Issa is the Chief Executive Officer of Retail Banking and a Member of the Board’s Executive Committee at CIB, Egypt’s largest private sector bank, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s largest listed company.

He is responsible for strategy formulation and execution for CIB’s entire customer base, except for large, borrowing corporate customers. As an Executive Committee Member, Issa is jointly responsible, with four teammates, for managing the bank and its subsidiaries. Issa is also responsible for managing CIB’s 205 branches and is a member of ALCO, and other group management committees.

He has a proven track record in delivering results as a corporate and investment banker, as a retail banker, as a CFO, and as a chairman of the portfolio of companies. He has successfully led big change mandates within large organizations. His achievements can easily be linked to significant shareholders value growth through expansions in both earnings per share and valuation multiples.

Ahmed Issa started his banking career in 1993 in CIB branches, attended CIB’s industry-leading credit course in 1994, and was later promoted through the ranks within CIB Corporate and Investment Banking between 1995 and 2001. During his career, he took on notable positions such as the Co-founder& Head of Research at CIBC, Managing Director of CI-Capital Investment Banking, Head of Financial Institutions Group at CIB Corporate Banking, Chairman of Corplease - the leading lease finance company in Egypt, Chairman of Falcon Group - Egypt’s largest security company, and the first head of strategic planning at CIB.

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