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Adam Vaziri

Adam Vaziri

CEO Blockpass


Adam Vaziri is a blockchain lawyer. He set up Diacle in 2013 to assist blockchain projects with compliance. He is a tireless blockchain entrepreneur and labeled a ‘bitcoin pioneer’ by Bitcoin Magazine. Adam believes that Web3.0 will bring blockchain to the mainstream but that reg tech is required. Therefore, he has established QRC to fund and accelerate blockchain products that use reg tech. He is also the founder of Blockpass - a self-sovereign identity application for regulated industries.

Other projects Adam has been involved in or founded includes, the UKDCA and, a global tracker for blockchain law since 2014 and featured by CNN and Washington Post. He also ran the first suite of blockchain hackathons across the world HACKCOIN: UK, India (read Economic Times article), HK and Malaysia. Adam formulated the first open-source ISDA for cryptocurrency trading: Aperta. He established Chain-Finance as a dedicated news/events for the financial services industry. He also founded a global blockchain IoT lab Chain of Things to investigate the role of blockchain tech in securing IoT.

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