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Adam D'arcy

Adam D'arcy

Chief Product Officer - Mapan GOJEK


Adam D'arcy is the creator of the award-winning PayMe from HSBC, a social payments app used by over 1M Hong Kongers.

He has proven experience in both creating and running digital products and services in Europe and Asia including mobile wallets (PayMe from HSBC), instant messaging (Blackberry Messenger Money), crowdfunding (, mobile banking (multiple UK banks), and e-commerce. He has a unique combination of creative, technical and business management with strong relationship skills learned in both digital startups and large corporates.

His key strengths are being extremely personable and able to build and lead fun teams who create innovative products using lean startup methodology, adept at communicating effectively with clients, partners, business leaders, and peers, and his strong applied technical knowledge, both of mobile/server technologies and technology trends in general.

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